Monitoring client silent installation

Install ActivityMon on some computer and setup it up to meat your requirements. This installation will be used as the "template". Guide for monitoring client manual installation can be found here.

Create some folder for the silent installation files, C:\SilentInstallation for example.

Copy following files to the created folder, they can be found in the Setup subfolder of the installation (they are marked with yellow color on the picture):

Now download all the files needed for the silent installation. Run following command from the silent installation folder, C:\SilentInstallation in our case:
Setup.exe /download

To install ActivityMon with custom settings it is needed to place settings file into the silent installation folder. In the template installation folder run following command:
Elevated.exe /exportsettings

Settings save into the silent installation folder under the Settings.xml file name.

The final step is to create the Silent.xml silent installation definition file:

Documented silent.xml file

Invisible installation sample silent.xml file