Press Release: ActivityMon Home/Family version 2.0.2 is available

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 8, 2012 - Roman Švihálek, ActivityMon Software, announce with pleasure the release of updated version ActivityMon Home/Family 2.0.2, the product for home computers monitoring.

The main feature of version 2.0.2 is the compatibility with the latest operating system of the Microsoft Corporation - Windows 8. ActivityMon Home/Family works on the mentioned operating system without any problems and is fully compatible with it.

To help our users with application download and installation all the executable files of ActivityMon products are now digitally signed. Users can now simply identify if the installed files come really from us.

Updated version also contains several improvements and bug fixes, including more robust communication between applications components.

Setup Wizard newly detects avast! - the world's most popular antivirus. When avast! is found user is notified about it and link to the setup guide is provided: Thanks to this feature the installation and usage of ActivityMon products is more smooth and issueless.

ActivityMon Home/Family application, as well as the other ActivityMon products, can be downloaded from website, section Home Computers Monitoring - downloads.

End of press release

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