ActivityMon For Auditing Companies

For companies performing personal and software audits we offer ActivityMon Auditor which allows them to use ActivityMon not only in the single end company but can be used in the customer companies as needed. Licenses are related only to company which purchased them, not to companies where they will be used. Usage is limited only to number of purchased licenses without any relation to the number of companies they will be used in.

For example: your audit company receives order for audit on 30 computers. So you will buy 30 licenses of ActivityMon Auditor.
When you are done with the this job you receive another order for audit on 20 computers. Because you are not currently using any of your license you simply re-use 20 of your current licenses, you do not have to buy additional ones.
During the audit on 20 computers you receive order to audit 9 computers. In that time you have 10 unused licenses, so you can use 9 of them and again: you do not have to buy any additional licenses.