ActivityMon Corporate

Why to buy ActivityMon Corporate

  • employee costs are one of biggest (if not the biggest) part of company's budget so it is regular to protect your investments – check if your employees are doing the tasks you have assigned them
  • does some of your employee work externaly and you think it is not possible to monitor him or her? ActivityMon will tell you what and when has been done or if the employee was idle and did nothing for you
  • have you find some unknown software installed on the emploee's workstation? And in the worst case the illegal one? Or have you found files such as MP3, video files, etc. on company's computers? ActivityMon will tell you who inserted the installation medium, who and when started specific installation program – in short it will help you to find the person responsible for that. You will be able to make appropriate precautions and lower you maintance costs.
  • ActivityMon will show when your employees loged in, how much time they have spent in the work and the amount of their idle time
  • USB flash discs and generally all the writeable external media can be used to copy your company's critical data, ActivityMon knows about this potential problem and monitors all the connected media.
  • network traffic monitoring is not enough, only the application such as ActivityMon shows you for example when employee plays Solitaire for several hours or did not perform any meaningful action
  • would you like to know who left the computer turned on over the night and spent the expensive electricity? It is very simple task for ActivityMon to show you such an information
  • ActivityMon can help you to identify the reason of BSOD, you can simply find out the actions before the computer crash
  • you can simply inform you employees about timed events such as the time for lunch, etc.
  • ActivityMon can allow your employee to enter some comment such as "going to post-office" when they are going to left the workplace