Employees Monitoring

Staff costs are one of the biggest (if not the bigest one) items in the company's budget. ActivityMon was created with the vision to lower them and to increase of your employees productivity. Each manager or the company owner knows the situation when he or she enter the workplace unidentified windows are minimized to the task or Alt+Tab key combination is pressed. Some of employee will try to tell you that Solitaire game is currently running only when they are eating etc.

It is up to you to say NO - you are payed for the work, not for surfing nor playing games. You should keep in mind they are wasting your money or the money of company you are working for and you have responsibility to.

version is designed to monitor workstations the employees are working on
version is designed to monitor your company servers
task for this version is to monitor large computer networks, easy remote management, task distribution and summary reporting are parts of it

ActivityMon products for monitoring of commercially used computers are able to distribute activities data within the LAN, monitored data can be stored in one place where you need them. I will be typically shared folder on the server. The data will be stored there and accessible without the physical access to the computer even in the time the computer is turned off.